Results are in for our recent customer survey

Written by Andrew on February 17th, 2011

We’ve been running a survey for the last few months to get a feel on what our PHP Melody customers think about their purchase.
The survey was simple and it required a simple rating of the following areas: product pricing, usability, our reputation, design and a question.

Well, the results are in and it seems the “80-20 rule” rules all. More than 80% of our customers offered a “Good” to “Excellent” rating in most areas.

Here are some details from the survey:
Surveyed people: PHP Melody license owners
Surveyed number of customers: 200+
Rating scale: 1-5 from Poor to Excellent

Here is the screenshot with the actual survey results:

All in all we love the results but more importantly, customers are happy with our product.

The survey is still open and we wish to thank all the participants.

Disclaimer: Some ratings (2-3%) may have been made by fraudulent customers (i.e. fraudulent orders)

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5 Responses to “Results are in for our recent customer survey”

  • AYNUR says:

    You’re doing a great job with customer support and I’m very happy to report that my video site is now #1 to 3 in ranks for some very important terms :))

    Thx and good luck!

  • Dominick says:

    But what did you conclude from this, because (I didnt take the survey, didn’t know you had a survey) but I would have rated POOR on product pricing, I think it’s worth more. So what did you conclude and can we expect some changes?

  • astraworks says:

    Can we expect any new version in future?