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Get Ready to Enjoy PHP Melody 1.6.6!

Written by Andrew on January 17th, 2011


Believe it or not, we’ve already released a new PHP Melody version!

It’s no secret that we have big plans for PHP Melody in 2011. We’re kicking it off with the release of PHP Melody version 1.6.6.

This new release brings features such as:

  • Easy video embedding in articles
  • The “Like” Button from FaceBook.com
  • Category Sorting
  • and a few more

If you’ve been experiencing problems with PHP Melody 1.6.5, chances are this update will fix those as well.

This release may mark a glorious end to the 1.6.x releases and move PM to version 1.7.
As you may know, PHP Melody 1.7 will have a brand new framework and a whole more potential.

We’re very excited about the future of PHP Melody!

Thank you once again for using PHP Melody!

Existing customers are invited to download the full PHP Melody 1.6.6 or the update package from our Customer Area.
Learn more about what’s new in version 1.6.6.

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