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PHP Melody Showcase

We're celebrating our customers and their achievements. The following websites were all build using PHP Melody as a starting point.

All Music

Designed for the Russian public, this website holds an impressive collection of over 14,000 music videos some dating back to 1988.

Arabic video site powered by PHP Melody. They have been using PHP Melody for over 8 months to date and their figures look quite impressive. The site's owner reported no problems with PHP Melody when it reached 100,000 unique visitors/day. Alexa recently ranked this website to be on the 4,570th place in the world. In countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, it ranks in the top 100 local sites. Very impressive use of PHP Melody!

Awesome Cuisine is a clean and simple site with all kinds of recipes. They have recently decided to start add a video page to their site and opted for PHP Melody. This domain is ranked as number 43,800 by Alexa.

Conexion HipHop

Home to music genres such as hiphop, rap, soul, rnb, funk and reggae, ConexionHipHop is a Spanish website truly dedicated to music in general. PHP Melody's original template was fully customized and the result is clearly a nice and balanced.

CristaoTube Brazil

CristaoTube uses PHP Melody to gather and serve religious videos from around the web, mainly to the Spanish audience. Their new design is very pleasant and we wish them all the best.

Diretube is The Largest Ethiopian Video Sharing Site - Thousands of Videos running online with over 10,000 Visitors Per Day - Only High Quality and Fast Loading Videos. We congratulate DireTube for becoming the no.1 Ethiopian video site.


This heavily modified PHP Melody site has a nice collection of documentaries from all sorts of domains such as Biology, Geography and Religion. The site is designed for the Croatian people. chose PHP Melody for their online project and they wrapped it beautifully into a great design. We at PHPSugar wish them all the best!

My Favorite Music Videos

The owner from My Favorite Music Videos is an early supporter of PHP Melody from Netherlands. The videos are categorized by language (German, English, Italian, French and Dutch). What's really impressive is the high number of registered users this site has attracted.

RC Videa

RC Videa is one of the nicest modified PHP Melody sites we've come across. This site is entirely dedicated to remote controlled cars, planes and boats. The modifications are quite subtle but very welcomed. This is one of our favorite PHP Melody sites.

The Open Source.TV

Free full documentaries website with all the best controversial, eye opening videos on the net!

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