PHP Melody turns 8 this month

Written by Andrew on October 23rd, 2015

Imagine working 8 years of your life on the same project, day in day out. A lot, right? Who really does that anymore? Well, apparently we’re going it because this October, our little Video CMS project turns 8 years old! And we couldn’t be happier.

If you’ve been part of our journey, you know a little bit of PHP Melody’s history from last year’s post. In today’s blog post we won’t be reviewing our past. Instead we’re looking towards the future.

Online video accounts for more than 50% of internet traffic.

And things will look even better because the same trend appears across all types of devices and sorts of demographics. More and more online video is consumed year, after year, after year. Online video keep hitting milestone after milestone. This certainly is not news for us because we’re all contributing to this growth; especially while procrastinating. But what’s interesting are the mobile/tablet viewing stats with a year-over-year growth of 114% (source) and the spending on video advertising which will amount to 28.7% of all U.S. digital display ad spending.

They also estimate that by 2018 (2 years form now) 80% of the consumer internet traffic will made up of online video. Even if the stats are skewed or biased, online video will certainly be a dominant chunk of all the internet traffic.

Online video is here to stay, but are we?

Yes, of course! We’ve been here for the past 8 years and we like it, we plan on staying.

As online video grows, so will the demands of video publishers. The type of customer we’ve been serving for the past 8 years will most likely change. And we’re ready to take on this challenge and meet the demands of our customers; both existing and new. Change is the law of life, and we’re embracing change. In the coming 6 months we’ll be growing our team, releasing new updates, designing new themes for PHP Melody and even releasing v3.0.

At the moment we might not have the perfect Video CMS to offer but then again, there may be no such thing. What we do have to offer is our track record and the know-how to build the best Video CMS we can.
So yes, we’re here to stay …and grow.

Now, back to the present.

Before too much planning and talking about what’s next for PHP Melody, let’s return to the present because, after all, there’s plenty to be done (besides celebrating 8 years). And talking of things to be done, we’ve been busy. Two new updates are already scheduled for the remainder of 2015. Just as important as the updates will be our new set of themes which combined with the new features should make for a very interesting combination.

Not to brag but our next release, PHP Melody v2.5, may very well be the nicest update of the year (so far) and we’re releasing it on the 10th of November. I won’t go into details here but you can now learn more about upcoming releases because we publish short videos with new features in action. More short videos will be added on a regular basis so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. You can also follow us via our Facebook page because we post similar news.

Thank you!

Because this post is about celebrating 8 years of PHP Melody, we’d like thank all our customers for being part of the journey with us. We really can’t thank you enough for shaping PHP Melody and helping take it into the right direction.¬†Looking forward to what the future has to offer.

We treasure your trust, patience and loyalty. Thank you all.

– Andrew & the crew

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